The Light of The Vedas by Manly P. Hall

The Light of The Vedas by Manly P. Hall. Front cover of the book.

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Title: The Light of The Vedas
Author: Manly P. Hall
Format: Paperback
Pages: 110

The introduction gives an invaluable explanation of the numerous references throughout religious literature of the order of enlightened human beings who are the custodians of the essential wisdom of the race-the Adepts.

In this illustrated work, the first volume in a series on the Adepts in the Eastern Esoteric Tradition, Mr. Hall writes on the teachings of the Hindu tradition.

Included is a discussion of the Bhagavad-Gita and the six systems of Indian philosophy. It is also explained how the Rishis of Old Aryavata were the first Aryan Adepts, and from them came the wonderful doctrines and teachings which the East honors today as the Light of the Vedas.

Also explained is the station of enlightened human beings — the Adepts. Referenced throughout the literature of numerous religious traditions, they are custodians of the essential wisdom of the world.

Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990)Manly Palmer Hall (1901-1990), was a Canadian-born scholar and philosopher. He began his public career in the related fields of philosophy and comparative religion at the age of nineteen and devoted his life to teaching, writing, and lecturing without interruption for over half a century.

Hall travelled extensively in Europe, Asia, and Central America, and assembled a magnificent library. He gave nearly seven thousand different lectures and talks and appeared on numerous radio and television stations throughout the United States. He wrote over thirty-five books, scores of essays, and hundreds of articles.