John A. Sanford

John A. Sanford (1929-2005)John A. Sanford (1929-2005), was a Jungian analyst and Episcopal priest, who worked as a parish priest for 19 years, and descended from a paternal lineage of Episcopal priests. In 1974, he left parochial ministry for full-time work as a Jungian analyst and psychotherapist, lecturing and authoring a series of books, most of them regarding religion, psychology, Greek mythology, and American Indian history. He held a bachelors degree in philosophy and an honorary Doctor of Divinity.

Since those years, Sanford enjoyed his private practice as a analyst focusing on psychology, religion and inner growth and he found some time every day for writing his books. He was a mentor for the Journey into Wholeness conferences from their beginning in 1977. Sanford authored books on serious dream study and interpretation, combining both spirituality and science.