Plato: Complete Works edited by John M. Cooper
Plato: Complete Works edited by John M. Cooper
Plato: Complete Works edited by John M. Cooper
Plato: Complete Works edited by John M. Cooper
Plato: Complete Works edited by John M. Cooper
Plato: Complete Works edited by John M. Cooper
Plato: Complete Works edited by John M. Cooper

Plato: Complete Works

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Plato: Complete Works
Author: Plato
Editor: John M. Cooper
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 1,808
Condition: NEW

Thin bible-like paper.

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Outstanding translations by leading contemporary scholars- many commissioned especially for this volume- are presented here in the first single edition to include the entire surviving corpus of works attributed to Plato in antiquity. In his introductory essay, John Cooper explains the presentation of these works, discusses questions concerning the chronology of their composition, comments on the dialogue form in which Plato wrote, and offers guidance on approaching the reading and study of Plato's works.

Also included are concise introductions by Cooper and Hutchinson to each translation, meticulous annotation designed to serve both scholar and general reader, and a comprehensive index. This handsome volume offers fine paper and a high-quality Smyth-sewn cloth binding in a sturdy, elegant edition.

Table of Contents:
Introduction; Editorial Notes; Acknowledgments
Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo, trans. G. M. A. Grube
Cratylus, trans. C. D. C. Reeve
Theaetetus, trans. M. J. Levett, rev. M. Burnyeat
Sophist, trans. N. White
Statesman, trans. C. J. Rowe
Parmenides, trans. M. L. Gill and P. Ryan
Philebus, trans. D. Frede
Symposium, Phaedrus, trans. A. Nehamas and P. Woodruff
Alcibiades, trans. D. S. Hutchinson
Second Alcibiades, trans. A. Kenny
Hipparchus, trans. N. Smith
Rival Lovers, trans. J. Mitscherling
Theages, trans. N. D. Smith
Charmides, Laches, trans. R. K. Sprague
Lysis, trans. S. Lombardo
Euthydemus, trans. R. K. Sprague
Protagoras, trans. S. Lombardo and K. Bell
Gorgias, trans. D. J. Zeyl
Meno, trans. G. M. A. Grube
Greater Hippias, trans. P. Woodruff
Lesser Hippias, trans. N. J. Smith
Ion, trans. P. Woodruff
Menexenus, trans. P. Ryan
Clitophon, trans. F. J. Gonzalez
Republic, trans. G. M. A. Grube, rev. C. D. C. Reeve
Timaeus, trans. D. J. Zeyl
Critias, trans. D. Clay
Minos, trans. M. Schofield
Laws, trans. T. Saunders
Epinomis, trans. R. D. McKirahan, Jr
Letters, trans. G. R. Morrow
Definitions, trans. D. S. Hutchinson
On Justice, trans. A. S. Becker
On Virtue, trans. M. Reuter
Demodocus, trans. J. Barnes
Sisyphus, trans. D. Gallop
Halcyon, trans. B. Inwood
Eryxias, trans. M. Joyal
Axiochus, trans. J. P. Hershbell
Epigrams, trans. J. M. Edmonds, rev. J. M. Cooper

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United Kingdom: 6-10
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New Zealand: 15-19
Australia: 17-21

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