The Doctrine of Buddha by George Grimm

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Title: The Doctrine of the Buddha: The Religion of Reason
Author: George Grimm
Format: Paperback
Pages: 422

The Doctrine of the Buddha is the fruit of George Grimm's intensive studies and practical realization of the Buddha's teaching on the nature of reality and the self. First published in German in 1915, SunWise Books is pleased to offer this new printing of the 1st English edition, completely re-typeset and re-edited.

With abundant references to the Pali Nikayas, the oldest Buddhist scriptures, the author masterfully lays out the core of the original Buddhist doctrine, showing how key ideas like Anatta or "not-self" have been grossly misunderstood and misinterpreted by subsequent generations. The Doctrine of the Buddha is essential reading for students of Buddhism and for all seekers of Truth.

George Grimm (1846-1945)
George Grimm (1846-1945), after completing his theological studies devoted himself to jurisprudence and was characterized as 'Bavaria's most benevolent judge'. His interest in philosophical problems led him to study Schopenhauer's works, which in turn led him to Indological studies. In 1921 he founded the 'Altbuddhistische Gemeinde', (Old Buddhist Community). He spent the last twelve years of his life in the rural stillness of Upper Bavaria.