Sufi Freemason Secrets by R.v. Sebottendorff

Secret Practices of the Sufi Freemasons: The Islamic Teachings at the Heart of Alchemy by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff. Front cover of the book.

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Title: Secret Practices of the Sufi Freemasons: The Islamic Teachings at the Heart of Alchemy
Author: Baron Rudolf Von Sebottendorff
Format: Paperback
Pages: 144

Originally published in Germany in 1924, this rare book by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff reveals the secret spiritual exercises of the Bektashi Order of Sufis as well as how this order, also known as Oriental Freemasonry, preserves the ancient spiritual doctrines forgotten by modern Freemasonry. Sebottendorff explains how the mysterious abbreviated letters found in the Qur'an represent formulas for perfecting the spirit of the individual. When combined with Masonic hand signs and grips and conducted accordingly to a precise schedule, these formulas incorporate spiritual power into the body and transform the soul from its base state into a noble, godlike state: the Magnum Opus of the medieval alchemists.

Laying out the complete program of spiritual exercises, Sebottendorff explains each abbreviated word-formula in the Qur'an, the hand gestures that go with them, and the exact order and duration for each exercise. Including a detailed biography of Sebottendorff and an examination of alchemy's Islamic heritage, this book shows how the traditions of Oriental Freemasonry can ennoble the self and lead to higher knowledge.

Table of Contents:
Introduction by Stephen E. Flowers

1 The Life of Rudolf von Sebottendorff
2 The Bektashi Sect of Sufism
3 The Mysteries of the Arabic Letters
4 Alchemy and Sufism

The Practice of Ancient Turkish Freemasonry
The Key to the Understanding of Alchemy

A Presentation of the Ritual, Doctrine, and Signs of Recognition among the Oriental Freemasons by Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff.


i Practice
ii Theory
iii Theory and Practice


Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff (1875-1945)
Baron Rudolf von Sebottendorff (1875-1945), was a Freemason and practitioner of alchemy. In 1900 he moved to Turkey where he met the Jewish Termudi family, who introduced him to Rosicrucianism and led to his initiation into a local Masonic lodge. In 1910 he founded a lodge of the Bektashi Order in Constantinople. Returning to Germany, in 1917 he founded the Thule Society, an occult organization that led to the German Workers' Party-joined in 1919 by Adolf Hitler, who transformed it into the Nazi Party. Sebottendorff left the Thule Society as it became increasingly political, fleeing to Turkey.