Freemasonry As a Way of Awakening by Remi Boyer

Freemasonry as a Way of Awakening by Remi Boyer. Front cover of the book.
Freemasonry as a Way of Awakening by Remi Boyer. Rear cover of the book.

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Title: Freemasonry As a Way of Awakening
Author: Remi Boyer
Format: Paperback
Pages: 176

Initiation is by nature indefinable, elusive as the Spirit. Always, it is an initiation to one's own original nature or ultimate reality, to the Real, to the Absolute, to the Divine, to what remains, no matter the words since, precisely "there," there are no words.

However, is it possible to approach by words, if not Initiation in itself, the initiatory, the human tension toward the "more than human," that is to say the unconditioned? The concept of initiation could then perhaps give us the inkling or the intuition of the initiatory which is at the same time mystical, esoteric, and poetic and help us to define the initiatory approach with a view to the elaboration of a practice of initiation that is sorely lacking in the West. Remember, however, that everything written here is totally false or rather, is neither true nor false. Some of these lines may be useful to the sagacious mind which wants to attempt the adventure of the quest, the only adventure that is worthwhile, but the essential will be between the lines, between the words, between the letters, in the Interval.

Rémi Boyer (1958-Present)Rémi Boyer (1958-Present)Rémi Boyer (1958-Present), has explored at length the world of the avant-garde, initiatory traditions, and philosophies of enlightenment. Notably, he works within the setting of the House of Surrealists in Cordes-sur-Ciel, for a new alliance between traditions, philosophies of awakening, and the artistic avant-garde.

Considering literature as a form of metaphysics, he became actively involved in the journal movement of the 1980s and has since collaborated on various traditional journals in Europe. He is the author of over twenty specialized works, particularly on Western initiatory movements, works translated into several languages (including Spanish and Portuguese). He is also the author of short stories, poems, philosophical tales and texts intended for the facilitation of philosophical discussions with children.

Since 1992, he has edited the review L'Esprit des Choses, founded with Robert Amadou, specializing in the philosophy of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin, Martinism, and Freemasonry. He is regularly invited to give lectures and lead seminars on initiation related topics in most European countries.