Find your soul.

Your Journey: Find Your Soul | Self-Initiated Books
Explore the horizon with a variety of self-initiatory pathways on your quest. Our platform is designed to promote and discuss esoteric knowledge, literature, and self-development. No gatekeeper courses, no gurus guarding all the doors, no membership fees holding all the keys.

Discover the esoteric library becoming a rite of passage for bohemians on the journey. Whether you pursue your own studies in solitude or join the online fellowship, we simply offer a few jewels found along the way, for the benefit of neophytes and adepts alike. The rest is up to you.

Champion the cause by purchasing our products, and by sharing your own gems as an active member of our Initiates Forum. Contributions serve to expand our catalogue of available titles, establish competitive prices, and improve our site-infrastructure. This site is made possible with the support of patrons like you.

For many are called but few are chosen.
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October 19th, 2021.
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