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The Journey Inside | Self-Initiated Books

We are initiates on the journey for the ageless and perennial wisdom. By treading a literary path of the lesser mysteries which are essentially revealed in Anthroposophy, Philosophy, and Theosophy, we obtain the metaphysical basis needed to better apprehend ourselves, religious traditions, the universe, and ultimately God.

Initiates of all ages know that in order to have direct knowledge and experience of the super-sensory worlds, we must involve ourselves in a prescribed course of transformation- not activation. The former involves harmonizing living processes of the soul, while the latter only reflects the mechanistic and materialistic thinking of the age.

The bohemian task of our age is to direct our intellectual soul towards a true scientific understanding of the spirit which will ennoble the birth of the nascent consciousness soul. Only through the study of metaphysics alone can we know and fructify our soul whereby we become truly “self-initiated” in the twinkling of an eye.

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October 23rd, 2021.
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