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We are initiates of the Ageless Wisdom, sometimes called the Perennial Wisdom; hinted at in Neoplatonism, partially revealed by 19th century Theosophy, and meticulously expounded in the early 20th century by Anthroposophy. It is in these streams that all the lesser mysteries have been essentially unveiled. We study these fundamental teachings that serve as a metaphysical basis to better comprehend ourselves, the universe, and ultimately God. This path has given us some degree of philosophical license to interpret the teachings and doctrines of many spiritual traditions of the past and present.

Initiates know that in order to move beyond all theoretical knowledge and belief, and to have direct experience of the realities of the super-sensory worlds, we must undertake a prescribed course of transformation -not activation. Transformation involves living processes of the soul, while "activation" only reflects the mechanistic and materialistic thinking of the age. Needless to say, initiates do not believe in new-age nonsense like "chakra" or "pineal-gland" activation, nebulous utopian promises from "ascended masters" or "beings of light", the global hegemony of malevolent "archons" or “reptilians", "flat earth" theories, or the "flying spaghetti monster".

Initiates believe in an absolute ontological structure of Reality or Being; The One and the Many in the West; the Existent and yet Non-Existent in the East. We know that in order to balance out the paradox of these metaphysical realities, all abstract principles must have their reciprocal particulars manifesting as concrete counterweights that can be identified and scientifically demonstrated.

Initiates never talk about the spirit and soul in the abstractions of monism: "Here is spirit, there is spirit, and everywhere is spirit". This has told us nothing about the spirit. These are like people who say, "I am not religious, I am spiritual". They have also said nothing about the spirit. To merely state that you have a spirit or soul, does not demonstrate any empirical knowledge on the subject.  

A true initiate knows that the spirit is changeless, and it is only by a wilful transformation of the soul that we can freely participate in the spirit. Variable transformations of the soul have always been the purpose of every legitimate religion as the times necessitated. To reconcile the religious and the intellectual is the bohemian task of our age. It will be the marriage of these two that enable us to objectify the morality needed for the developing consciousness soul, whereby we will truly become “self-initiated” in the twinkling of an eye.

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October 23rd, 2021.
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