Paracelsus (1493-1541)Paracelsus (1493-1541), born Theophrastus von Hohenheim (full name Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim), was a Swiss physician, alchemist, astrologer, lay theologian, and philosopher of the German Renaissance.

He was a pioneer in several aspects of the "medical revolution" of the Renaissance, emphasizing the value of observation in combination with received wisdom. Paracelsus pioneered the use of chemicals and minerals in medicine.  While credited now as the father of toxicology, during his career he was viewed by many physicians as a radical, who became his adversaries seeking to have him expelled.

Paracelsus also had a substantial impact as a prophet or diviner, his "Prognostications" being studied by Rosicrucians in the 1600s.

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